OH! The Places you’ll go!

Friday morning around 11:00 we hopped inthe car and drove to Amish Country Indiana! ROAD TRIP!!! The ride was half an hour shorter than we had planned( bonus), and in short we had a fabulous time! We stayed at the Song Bird Inn Bed And Breakfast owned by a mennonite couple, it was truly peaceful and beautiful and you can bet we came home with our bellies stuffed full of good food and our bags stuffed with cheeses, meats and breads! Not to mention some really cool garden ornaments and a sign that will hang above our bed that says “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” we had the most peaceful time there, our first anniversary was truly one to remember; much like this marraige!

Here are some pics of our trip below!
Were here! (obviously)

Best driving partners EVER!Songbird Ridge B&BBill really liked the bed!I dug the free hershey kisses and french milled soaps!The goats outback, (the grass is alaways greener….) These two were hilarious!! We need them to mow OUR lawn, they can chow down!! Bill finds a new friend! Ok SERIOUSLY how scared am I? It’s not like the damn thing was going to bite me!I love old Hudsons and Bill tok me to the Hudson museum to show me why I will never own one! thanks hunny…..point taken…..Here is my pinup girl pose!Me being artsy it the bathroom mirrorStrawberry cupcakes at the Golden Gate Cafe!!You wana cup???A wonderful peaceful weekend!


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