Pretty Alligators! CROCS gets a fashion lift!

I am not usually one for CROCS, I have friends who swear by them and their comfort giving abilities, and although I have been tempted before, I just cannot break my fashionable sense enough to break down and buy a pair.

But THESE, well are a different story, it’s the YOU by Crocs line, this line of fun flirty quirky shoes just recently came to my attention via a fashion mag. I loved what I saw and got so excited that I went to the website to check out how I could get my hands on a pair, sadly L they are not available in good old Ohio :L ahh well, but are in various other states South Dakota and Florida included.

Their online catalog is colorful and brilliantly made (it flips like a real catalog)

These wonderfully fun shoes boast the same comfort as their ugly cousins, but also boast a not so cute price anywhere from $120-$160 a pair! However if I could find a basic color like black or gray that knew would look good with everything, I may be willing to invest in these tasty little darlings. And did I mention that you can get them all in a multitude of colors!!!!!

Check them out at and good luck if you happy to live in a city that carries them, you lucky dog you!!

OMG!! Shoe Orgasm!!!


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