Animal Lover? Check this out!

So I have this friend of mine named Lindsay, her and I used to work togethor years ago, well she went off and started her own dog greeting card company. It is called Sincerely Fido, and you need to check it out!!

She has cards for just about every occasion and holiday that you can imagine!

And she also carries a variety of other gift items. Very reasonably priced and super customer service, check her out!!


3 thoughts on “Animal Lover? Check this out!”

  1. The second pic reminds me of when the smaller one of my cats had an opertion and had to wear a cone for a couple of weeks. She was so miserable! But one day when I came home from work (she was amost healed by then) the cone was gone and lay opened on the floor and if cats could whistle, my cats would’ve done so, they were just strollling around all smug and content. I have no idea how they got it off, it had this lock-mechanism…

  2. Thats kinda of like when my cat opened a can of cat food and fed himself, mind you the cat food DID have a plastic resealable lid on it, but I like to try to imagine how he got it off lol, the struggle!

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