So yesterday was Halloween, and since our company is being nice to us, they decided to let us dress up for work, I wasn’t really into getting completely dolled up this year, so I just did something simple, I went as “dizzy” I crafted a wreath out of stars and doves, you know like when you hit your head or get dizzy you see birds and stars???? Get it??…..not many people did, they thought I was an angel, but once I explained to them that 1…I am NO angel….and 2. What it REALLY was, they got it and thought it was clever. Still we had a ton of food, and it really made the day go by nicely.
My Slightly lame but last minute head piece costume

George AKA “Georgette” at work dressed as a woman. he walked around all day asking if anyone knew where it was ladies night.
This man even shaved his legs and painted his nails!!!!!!

Then, when we got home we built a bonfire and invited the neighbors down the street over for Pizza and beers, and handed out candy to the whopping 12 kids that came down our street, still it was fun and we stayed out side bullshitting until about 12.

Today we are going Bowling in Kent with Our friends Lindsay and Kevin, so I m off to go get ready!!


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