Christmas Wishlist

Yes I know Thanksgiving hasn’t even come yet, but what the hell here is my Christmas wish list.
I am not wishing for much this year, because truth be told I don’t really NEED much

In no particular order
Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell” body spray and lotion

Victoria’s Secret “Very Sexy Dare” Perfume

– Fossil Watches (either of these will do!)

-The 40 year Old Virgin (one of my FAVE movies!)

-The best Of Big Chuck and Little John (if your a native to Cleveland you know how important this is) if you are not a native to Cleveland, these guys have been on the air doing funny skits since I was a wee little girl, I LOVE THEM!!! They are Cleveland!!

-Leopard Pillow top Isotoner Slippers

-A leather jacket ( I don’t have a picture because the one I want I cant find the picture of it)
my husband has a Harley and it was a bad ass Harley Jacket that I saw a few months ago with a pink sweatshirt liner, it was sharp as hell!!! And perfect for freezing Cleveland Weather.
-Gift cards to Forever 21, Target, Sephora and Ann Taylor.
I almost feel weird having a non elaborate list this year but honestly, I have just about everything I could really want, and I guess that is a wonderful thing!! Of course I also love the little thoughtful things I get from friends and family , those are always nice Surprises šŸ™‚

….So what are YOU wishing for??????


4 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist”

  1. Hope you get the leather jacket and then please post some photos of it. Sounds fab. That perfume has got a kick-ass name :)I haven’t got a clue what I want for Christmas, apart from new hair straightener and more tattoos. Everyone’s asking and getting annoyed because I don’t know what I want.

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