Had a great afternoon with my mother and grandmother, WHO IS 88 TODAY I MIGHT ADD!!!!!! We all went to go see DOUBT, all I have to say is if you love drama, are a fallen catholic, staunch catholic, non catholic whatever, go see it!! I myself being the fallen on, my mom being raised strictly catholic ( and even joined the Notre Dame Convent of nuns at 13 years old!!!) and my grandmother the same, all LOVED it! Phillip Seymour Hoffman is terrific as the priest, I have always liked his acting since I saw him in Magnolia, hell I even liked him in The Big Lebowski. The movie may not be for everyone, but if you are of Catholic decent I think it makes it even deeper. here is a preview below in case you want to check it out.

we then had a nice dinner at Sugar creek for grandmas b-day and all split a piece of Snickers cheesecake which actually didn’t taste that great to me in my currently non existent sweet tooth.

Well back to searching around online, I plan on organizing alot of stuff tomorrow and I am looking for different ideas to organize all my cosmetics.

Hope your year has went well so far!!


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