New Tues Feature?

So I finally got around to figuring out the darn movie maker (i think) and here is what I came up with for today for my sweetie! Love you dear 🙂

I am going to try to do a different one either every tues, or every other tues…..we’ll see


6 thoughts on “New Tues Feature?”

  1. thanks guys! That video thing is so fun to use! I want to make another one soon of the doggie, I swear we have more pictures of him than we have of us combined!

  2. Mrs.Munster; I used Windows Movie Maker that came onmy computer, it was so easy to figure out I had one made in no time! If you use a MAC then there may be a MAC movie maker, check in your programs, if not , you should be able to download one cheap on the internet. Good luck! I would love to see a video!

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