Bad Boys and Brooders

Here is something nice eye candy for your Friday:

For some reason Mickey Rourke has been on my mind a lot lately (pre plastic surgery Rourke), and I got to thinking…Throughout my whole life, I have had a thing to for the “bad boys” the “Brooders” and “greasers” especially when they got that whole Pompadour thing going on and side burns, ROWR!!! I am not here to explain this phenomenon of why women dig men “they can never take home to their mothers”. I am just here today to provide a welcome visual solace for a frosty Friday.

Here are my top BAD BOY BROODERS pics. In no particular order.

Mike Ness of Social Distortion

Chris Isaac Mickey Rourke

Johnny Depp in Crybaby Morrissey Joe Strummer(RIP) Christian Slater Brett Michaels

Jeff Buckley(RIP)


6 thoughts on “Bad Boys and Brooders”

  1. It’s like watching porn looking through this photos. Bret Michaels…drool! Not to mention everyone else on the list. Pompadour men rocks. Johnny Depp has always been and will his best as Cry-Baby. (again drool)

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