Day in the life……(photo blog)

I really enjoyed the “Day in the life” post that Freelancer did.

So here is my Monday day in the life!

6:00 Am: Wake up and do yoga while watching the news.

6:30AM Make Breakfast
He does this every morning….but has never been sucessfull stealing my bagel.7:00AM: Get dressed for work
7:45 Am Drive to work

8:00 Am Work12:25pm-1:25pm eat lunch in my car in the park5:20PM back home and walking the mutt6:30PM Dinner!
7:30PM Sneak a few bites of ice cream….and settle in for th enight to watch 24 with the hubby.
The end!


6 thoughts on “Day in the life……(photo blog)”

  1. This is so damn creative! You are so damn cute! I loved loved loved it! Wow, and those gloves! Can you feel the envy from Florida? This made my day Heather. You rock! P.S. I have the same Dell at work, lol. =)

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