It’s important to me.

This is an important issue to me thank you Ashley, for bringing this video to my attention, it is important to me, also.

Every person in this world has the opportunitty and the right to find deep love,no matter what sex it is with, no one, I repeat NO ONE can ever take away that wonderful human right, it is an intimate private choice, and the government should have no say in the matter.

Watch this video, and if you feel the same (and live in the States) please sign the petition.
“Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.


6 thoughts on “It’s important to me.”

  1. Hi there! I was so surprised to see you comment on my blog. Unfortunately I don’t have enough international vistitors to motivate using my poor english in the posts… I have thought about maybe including an english translation at the end of each post but never really dared. Feels sort of cocky somehow. Like, as if someone outside of Sweden would ever want to read about my day to day life.Anyhow. I really like your blog and I love to read about you pregnancy as I myself have a baby due in april bakin’ in da oven.

  2. i love you! Thank you for reposting girl!!!Oh, btw, I keep forgetting can you email me your street addy cuz?? me at ashleyforrette.comGoing to read your latest post about how youre feeling :)xo

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