Whoooo are you??????? Who? Who? Who? Who?

20 WeeksNot the best shot, but I am tired and the camera was running low of battery power, I’ll do another one soon!

Well today was the moment of truth,, we went in for our ultrasound and it was……A BOY!!!!! I got tears in my eyes and Bill acted like he totally knew, (to tell you the truth I believe I totally knew also, motherly instinct ya know) about 10 minutes into the ultrasounds, the ginger ale that I drank kicked in, and he was moving like crazy, waving, sucking his thumb, damn near eating his foot (that makes him MY boy because I can easily put my toes in my mouth if I wanted to, yeah stupid human trick that YOU probably didn’t want to know about) They couldn’t get a great shot of his boy parts, but I will spare him the future embarrassment lol. Although his mother IS flashing her uterus to the free world lol.

He arched his back a few times turned his head towards up and waved, it was single handedly the coolest shitI have ever seen, (And really confirms that those movements are not ALL the taco bell i ate last night ) I didn’t get to see my doctor as planned because she had to run to do a c-section ( TOTALLY understandable!!) so I have to go back on Tues for my check up. but I am SO very happy, and in love!

Tomorrow I am going back to target to get all that stuff I wanted for his room,then I plan on cleaning the walls up to get ready for paint sometime soon.

YAY!!!!!!!! We will call him Hudson William.


9 thoughts on “Whoooo are you??????? Who? Who? Who? Who?”

  1. WOO HOO! I am soooo excited for you! I know your were both leanning towards wanting a boy. I like the name you picked too! Can’t wait to go shopping!!! I’m so looking forward to seeing you (and Michele)in June! Love ya girl!

  2. Mazel Tov! :DI remember when I went to do an ultrasound, it was jumping like a little bean and I could stop laughing.You make me wanna get pregnant again.(I lost mine after 22 weeks.)

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