Crafts,Kicks and French fries OH MY!!!

So yesterday was an extremely productive day. I finally got my “baby changing pad” done, I have seen other portable changing pads, but they were usually not waterproof, so since I am having a boy and we all know boys can be um a bit…….unpredictable….at diaper changing, I wanted to make sure I had a waterproof cushy mat to put under his bottom. I went to Jo Ann fabrics and got some cute flannel that matched his bed set, and intended to sew it between two pieces of vinyl, when I told the lady who worked there about this she introduced me to Iron ON Vinyl!!!!Holy crap! I didn’t know they made this stuff!!! ( yeah doesn’t take alot to excite me lol)
below is what I came up with. for “Padding” I used an old piece of ugly flannel fabric triple folded and stuck between to the vinyl fused flannel pieces.

Rolls up and has a Velcro strap so that it can be tucked away in your diaper bag

Unrolls either halfway to leave a little “pillow” or you can roll it all the way out for long changing tables.

Later in the afternoon Bill and I took Starsky for a 1 hour walk, holy hell my body was NOT ready for that! But we did have a nice walk through downtown Berea and then into the woods were Bill has been finding old artifact about our city, like old train tracks from the early 1800’s and a old water tower for a steam engine. It was very interesting to see what our city may have been like waaaaaaay back when, and the best part is,not many people know about this little area or that these artifacts exist!Before asking Starsky if he wants to go for a walk

After asking Starsky if he wants to go for a walk.

When we got back we met up with Bills family for dinner at the Harley Diner, I was so freaking hungry from the walk that I wanted to eat everything in site, but I refrained (thankfully) I got a huge grilled chicken salad and washed it down with a basket of fries……mmmmmmmmmmm I am an endless pit once again. I was so hungry and those fries tasted so good, that Bill swears the waitress brought the fries and then he turned his head for five minutes and they were gone, probably true 🙂 My god, I must have looked like a pig sitting there eating my hoard of greasy goodness, but at that moment, the way I looked was the furthest thing from my mind!
Then when we came home and I wanted Ice Cream so we wen’t out for that, and I also ended up sneaking half of the hot dog that my husband bought.( I swear this was at least 4 hours later……honestly!)
BTW in reference to this post the other day. Here is what THAT was all about:

yeah, ouch. But since I haven’t been sitting at a desk all day ( because it’s the weekend) I have successfully been able to see my ankles.
When I finally did get home last night for good, I decided to have a long soak. But while I was laying there reading a baby book, I saw my stomach move out of the corner of my eye, so I looked down again and sure enough, it moved again and again……..and again…..I freaked out and called for Bill to come in and see, we sat there and watched our lil boy roll and tumble around in my belly,both in near tears, then Bill put his hand on my belly and got a nice couple of kicks in the palm. It was single handedly the coolest shit I have ever seen in my entire life, and now I am SO in love!!!! I have felt him moving around for months, but this…..this was a whole new level!!! Now all I want to do is lay in bed and watch my stomach jump!
Not much on the agenda today, just some light straightening up and possibly cleaning out the nursery closest , as we are going to be sanding the walls soon then painting! Wow never thought we would finally get to that point!
I will leave you with this Etta James tune for a nice Sunday:

5 thoughts on “Crafts,Kicks and French fries OH MY!!!”

  1. Such a cool experience… seeing FEELING your baby move. In my opinion it by far the BEST part of being preggers. Your looking like one hott Mama!!! HUGS!!

  2. That’s awesome. I cannot wait to feel my little monster moving. How many weeks are you now?That changing mat is really nice looking. I probably will just end up buying something like it, lazy as I am…

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