Found my Dress!!!

So after some serious searching, I finally found the dress that I want to wear for my baby shower,

I am so excited I love the color, and I am going to get my hair re-highlighted and will paint my nails a nice medium solid pink šŸ™‚ So this color should really compliment me, I ordered a large because my chest area is so big (I hope it fits!) i should get it within a week yay!!! Although i have NO idea what shoes I will wear with it, because there is no WAY I will be able to slip these fat piggies into strapless heels. I am thinking maybe gold flats. I will have to check out Payless shoes. Darn another excuse to buy shoes…..don’t you just HATE that????

4 thoughts on “Found my Dress!!!”

  1. I LOVE the dress. You will look beautiful in it. The first thing I thought was the shoes look uncomfortable especially for a woman carrying a child, lol. Then you mentioned the shoes, lol. Have a great day!

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