A super nice surprise

So i walk …or should I say waddle into work this morning, not feeling too good, sick to my stomach and with a throbbing swollen left foot,I Come around the corner and I see a blue ribbon hanging from a cubicle, and blue bags, gifts, and FOOD tons of food, i get to my desk and it is completely decorated with blue ribbons and :it’s a boy” stickers, my co workers threw me a baby shower!!!!!! What a nice surprise!! They also had set up a waffle bar where George my coworker made Belgian waffles and they had ALL THE TOPPINGS THAT YOU COULD IMAGINE! Fruit salads, and my favorite Homemade double decker carrot cake! I couldnt believe it! i got all sorts of gifts, (this kid is going to have more clothes than I! A 268 pack of newborn diapers! Wipes, diaper bags, a booster seat and the breast pump that I wanted!! they all pitched in and got me my breast pump!!! That thing was waaaaaaaaaay expensive and I did NOT expect that at all!!! What a great bunch of people!

Well the hubby and I are going to go look at everything and enjoy the carrot cake! MMMM!!!!!


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