Busy Lizzy

his weekend was simply excellent, I got to spend time with my little man and take a few cute photos of him for fall. Here are a few of the many that we took:

This kid loves to be nekkid, LOVES it!

I also did my hair retro style and wore a flower made by Rascal.

I made an attempt, albeit feeble, at painting pumpkins like the ones I saw here. but failed miserably, you were supposed to stipple black paint over a doily used as a template, to create a black lace effect, but the paint smeared :(. next time I may use spray paint, I think it would work out better. Still they turned out kind of creepy! And look nice on the porch!

I also made it to the craft store so that I can start Hudsons fleece bear hat! YAY!

I rounded off the weekend with a sunday dinner at Grandmas. Plus TWO of my friend got engaged! How great is that! Congrats Mary and Ingrid!!


4 thoughts on “Busy Lizzy”

  1. Oh my God! He is the sweetest little man I have ever seen. I just want to hold him! Hello, you are one hotttt Mamma! These pics are awesome! Thank you by the way. You are so sweet. I really appreciate your advice. I may call you soon in a panic! =) xoxo

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