Knitting and Craft ADHD

Image by Feltmates
So I have had so many craft projects on my plate lately it’s downright mind blowing, ever since Hudson’s colic went away, I find myself with more time in the evenings to do fun stuff and it’s like sudden craft explosion at my house. I mean I have my grubby little hands in everything!
But this year I have a goal; to learn how to knit,(after I am done making Hudson’s “fleece bear” hat and mittens of course)
It’s something I wish I would have asked Mrs. Life the long since passed away neighbor I had growing up, to teach me. I regret never asking her, because I think old ladies know how to knit the best, and they are very patient breed. Which is needed when teaching me a craft, because I love to just jump right in and get my hands dirty.
I have always been just slightly too chicken shit to give it a real go, once, a friend at work tried to show me years ago, and i got so frustrated with it I damn near threw the needles across the room.But that was before I learned to sew and learned a little patience, every time fall comes around i get visions of me sitting in a coffee house on the couch next to a fire curled up with my needles and bag of soft fluffy yarn, crafting some magnificent sweater or something. That image haunts me ever year, and every year I refuse to give in “I’m too busy” “I don’t have the patience”. But this year my friends, is different , this year i WILL give in.
My friend Julia knows how to crochet, but aside from afghan blankets, I don’t really care for the look of crochet, besides, with knitting you can do felting and make the cute animals you see posted here, I mean HOW CUTE ARE THOSE????????? I have a kid I can make him some stuff!
My new Craft obsession is Craft magazines Blog, it’s full of things I want to do, and has loads and loads of way kewl knitting projects. I want to do them all!!!!! ahhh But be still my heart, I must first learn the art of “Casting on and casting off grasshopper”.

Image by Feltmates

It just looks so relaxing, like I could just knit away my worries and stresses, I AM going to do this, so here is to giving it a try!!! More on this later gators! And please if any of you know of any resources for learning please please let me know! I may knit you a leg warmer in return….but just one 🙂


4 thoughts on “Knitting and Craft ADHD”

  1. Just giving a go! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it quickly. I can't really knit. Just simple stuff like woollen socks and scarf. We were taught how to knit at school but crafts has never been my strength 😦

  2. I have always wanted to knit as well! I tried cross stich once and also threw the damn thing across the room. Knitting is awesome! Good for you! I can just see litle Hudson wearing some awesome sweater his hot Momma made him. =)

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