Bizzy Lizzy

Omg I have been in a complete craft coma lately, SERIOUSLY, it’s a sickness, and what is up with me and felt lately? i am totally on this crazy felt kick. But i love it, so no matter.
I have been playing around with ideas for making my living room more colorful, when we first moved in the walls were white, we needed to paint quick and we had big purple couches, so i chose a very light tan color ( I still want to repaint it someday, but not anytime soon) a darker tan perhaps. My curtains are just cream and tan sheers, kind of blah. So I checked online and found a great sale at JC Penny’s, and I purchased the curtains below in a sage green;which will offset my purple couch. here is the link to the full picture Then I am going to make Turquoise throw pillows for the couch and love seat to really POP IT! I know your thinking, “wow turquoise, purple and green? but really it all works together very eclectically. And our ceramic lamp is turquoise so the pillows should highlight that.
Below are some pictures of living rooms that I really love, I love these color combos! SWOON!!!!

Don’t you LOVE this color combo???

So elegant a beautiful!

Aside from redecorating; I am also starting up Christmas projects, making felt cone shaped trees, felt ornaments (for gifts) and this awesome felt mobile I saw online.

Would love to hang this in hudsons room!


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