The Holiday hustle/wish list

Hey all, sorry I have been slacking on the ol blog lately, but I have been crating my butt off for Christmas. I will post pictures of my crafts as soon as I am done making the last of them.
I took some christmas photos of the little man on thanksgiving, (it was really the only time that he was dressed up) I cannot wait until my photo Christmas cards come in, yay!

Momma, Daddy and Baby

Here is my wish list for this christmas:

Gift Certificate to Sephora OR Ulta (Always the right fit!!)This Fragrance sampler set at Sephora, once you decide wich one you like, you can go into Sephora and get a free bottle!The YUDU, Home Screen Printing Kit, (this is my “in your wildest dreams” gift”)Purses from Trophey Queen, mmmm Sparkly Naugahide mmmmmThese utlra fem ringsA grill pan! Enamled Cast iron Please!
These adorable head bands from Red Velvet Art!!NARS Tokaido Express Nail polish

A gift certificate from either Dante Lucci, or Bella Capelli for a spa treatment or
Manicure or Pedicure

Gift certificates to bath and Body Works or Victorias Secret so I can buy some smell goods!

Happy Holidays!!!!!


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