Word of the week…..

Ok so here is something new that I am trying, a “word of the week post’

I look like HELL here lol,it was 6 am this morning, what do you want lol, I definitley look like a mother who hasn’t slept lol.


4 thoughts on “Word of the week…..”

  1. Randy and I were going though the basement yesterday and found a bag of clothes that we had intended to give to goodwill, unfortunately some moisture got into the bag and it really couldn't be donated. We cut up the clothes (keeping the good parts) to use as shop rags. Reuse and repurpose. You know first hand how often our men go through shop rags!! Great word of the week leading up to this holiday season. 🙂

  2. Thanks Julia!! I know Bill is always after my old clothes when I throw them out, wanting to use them as shop rags. my dad used to used old underwear, ewwwwwwww. lol

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