Christmas time is here!

Some pictures I took tonight of my christmas decorations.
Alot of my stuff is hand me downs from my parents, but next year I plan on making some new wreaths, some real funky ones, but for this recession christmas, this will have to do! 🙂 Still I wish I could have Shan, of Design girl and her handy man come decorate my place!
Check out her pretty christmas setup! Click the link!

Jar of candied nuts I gave out as gifts this year

Handmade felt ball ornaments that I made for gifts

Russian Nesting Doll Cards, that I had made to give out, now I want to keep them lol

Truly a silent night.


3 thoughts on “Christmas time is here!”

  1. If you don't mind me asking. I remember reading that you started ur lil man on solids before 4 months o have I imagined that? My lil lad just don't seem to agree on just milk (colic and bringing up milk so much). I'm positive little baby rice would make a world difference…

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