Fat Bottomed Girls!!!!!

Ok so I have to say I REAL excited here…so forgive me, i was checking out CNN yesterday (because I’m dorky like that) and I saw an article that Big models are making a comeback this year in a BIG way, and when i say big I mean what the fashion industry considers big or plus size, (Size 12) Witch I always thought was a gross miscalculation…but whatever.

I am so excited about this, because my pregnancy has left me with a curvy size 14 ( i was a 10)

I have always thought “bigger women” were beautiful, healthy looking, and filled out their clothes better, not to mention make ME feel better about myself!. below are just a few of the plus size ladies I think are gorgeous!

Whitney Thompson
Candace Huffine ( I love the fact that they show her “rolls” here!!)
Kat Dillon
Mia Tyler
Candace Huffine and Michelle Olson

MMM I’m gonna go eat some carbs now lol…….

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