Because we are women….and we aparently stink..

Ok to celebrate the return of my (female happy time) yeah now YOU have too much info lol. I found these old feminine hygiene ads from the 40’s MOST amusing lol.

Probably the most tame of the ads

Ok do you mean to tell me this guy is actually LEAVING this women due to her “feminine hygiene”? Look at the look of disgust on his face lol!!

First of all, LYSOL???? My GOD!!! And second, this guy actually LOCKED himself in the bedroom ( or locked her in the bedroom) to get away from her? What are we big stinky, ravenous monsters? OBVIOUSLY men wrote these lol.

Ok, can you just see this guy, at the bar with his friend “hey Bob, why so glum?”

“Eh the wife has crotch rot AGAIN!!!!!”

Ok I’m off to go douse myself in bleach and Lysol……


3 thoughts on “Because we are women….and we aparently stink..”

  1. HAHAHAAHHA oh the joy of vintage advertisement… wanted women to feel like they were skunking people so they would lysol their choncha…. lovely! I hate any "personal" commercials… vagisil commercials gross me out… viagra commercials creep me out…

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