A whirlwind weekend

This weekend was July 4th weekend, it was also the weekend we got Hudsons 1 year old photos done (even though he wont be one until the 17th)We really had alot of great family time together. I wont bore you with details but here are the pics!

Little man outside sitting outside under the shade tree.

He saw this little girl at this party that we went to and was in LOVE.

He ran over to her and hugged her, then she asked if he could sit on the swing with her lol

SO cute!!!

We also took a trip to the lake,walked on the pier and played in the sand.

His eyes are the same color as the lake!

Hudson and dada at the lake

Hope your 4th was awesome!


2 thoughts on “A whirlwind weekend”

  1. Your lil boy is getting cuter and cuter. We had similar family portrait done when Eddie was 4 month. One of the rare opportunities to have a photo of the whole family. I may have to drag my very resistant hubby there again when Eddie turns 1.

  2. yeah my hubby wasnt too KEEN on it either, but I told him I wont need another one for 5 years lol. Well not of him anyways, I will get Hudsons done for the first 5 years.And thanks for the compliments!

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