BABY giggles

My son is such a wonderful little guy, he really has been making us laugh a lot lately,
Here are a few things that he has been doing, that really perk me up.

When I say ADDRESES I mean like a president would talk to his country, he puts both hands up in the air and has a concerned look on his face, looks down at his food or sometimes holds a cheerio up in the air and waves it back and forth going “raaa bra bra blah bababa bha ra!” Then puts the cheerio down and mutters something to himself under his breath LOL.

This morning he pointed directly at his waffle with his index finger and furrowed his brows in an angry expression and goes “”bar a ra ra raba BAH BAH!!” I about peed my pants! Bill said he wouldn’t finish his waffles after I left for work, so what ever the waffles “Said” to him, it must have REALLY been offensive lol.

We have a big red fuzzy soccer ball that we roll back and forth to him, he sits on one end of the living room, and I sit on the other and roll it to him, when I DO roll it at him, he kicks his leg s and gets this CRAZY look in his eyes while going “AAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!” then promptly grabs it and forcefully pushes it back to me lol, I can really see him becoming a soccer (futbol) player, the determination in his little face is SO funny.
The kid is CRAZY over wind chimes, and we have four of them, (well three since he disassembled the one) if we are inside (were we have been since it’s been scorching hot lately) he will point to the front door, he knows there are fun things out on the front porch like two flags and three chimes, and he wants to fondle ALL of them. So at least once a day, I take him outside and hold him up to the chimes so that he can smack them around, he looks up, puts his head back and holds his mouth open in a “ahhhhhh” position while smiling and smacking away at them, It gives me a good view of his teethers, (which by the way are SIX NOW!!!) He can literally play with them for HOURS.

He just brings me so much joy, which is much needed when I have had a bad day at work (which lately has been constant) and have been stressed running around getting this and that and the other taken care of. He is truly my little blessing 
Is there something funny that a baby or little kid YOU know does to make you laugh?

2 thoughts on “BABY giggles”

  1. Cute Hudson! My li lman is in such adorable age. So easy to make him giggle and that what's makes my day. Now, for some reason he finds it hilarious when we shake our head and say "no". Concerning… 🙂

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