Shiver and shake……

I’m afraid I don’t have any good news on my mother, she had to go back into the hospital today, she is still yellow, and her liver and kidneys are being severely taxed. She is weak and barley eating. They also want to run all of her tests over again, because they can’t get any definitive answers. She is much better off in the hospital, because she cannot take care of her self. And my father has to work. After they confirm everything, they will either move her to A nursing home, or hospice, until the next step, they want to get her strong enough for surgery, but they aren’t sure they will be able to do that,if they cant, they want to go in anyway, and try to remove the tumor, which could result in us losing her,but it will be a risk we may have to take, it’s too soon to tell,she is on so much pain medicine, that she is barley coherent,I am just at an utter loss, we are bracing for the worst and hoping for the best. I appreciate all of your kind words, and thanks to those friend who’s shoulders I have physically cried on. Your support means the world to me. In the mean time my heart is shattering,and I am trying to find refuge in my beautiful baby boy and my wonderful husband. I will keep you updated. Love Heather


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