Fall this and that

I have got one hell of a week ahead of me, I am finishing up a design for a client (which they LOVE by the way). Mom is going in for her big surgery on Wed. ( yes I am freaking out….like bad) But on a lighter note, Fall is here so THAT means new shoes! And tights and sweater dresses woohoo!! Below are a few pairs of shoes I wouldn’t mind coveting,

Oh yes yes yes!!

I just think these are so super kewl,

I almost bought these, but it was between diapers for the kid and these shoes, hmmm, kid wins……I guess Not only do I want sweater dresses this season but I am really feeling the whole, skirt and knee hi thing

Isn’t Elsi from A Beautiful Mess so cute in this outfit! I love the brown boots with over the knee socks!

And of course Gala of Gala Darling, UGH takes the frickin cake in this black and cobalt number (personal fave)
I NEED a pleated black skirt, I need a few skirts! Hell I need to go shopping!!!!!


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