Pumpkin carver!

A few nights ago, me the lil man and Bill carved our pumpkins, this was Hudsons first pumpkin!

Holding the pumpkin for daddy while he cuts it, a VERY important step!

Playing with the small size pumpkin

typical boy, loves the gooey stuff

Look at those chubby legs, don’t you just want to bite them!
So how did the pumpkins turn out?…..Well you don’t see them here….and lets say there is a good reason for that LOL. Oh well it was fun to say the least!

Little felt candy bag I whipped up for the lil man tonight,project was found on
“I am momma , hear me roar” (find the button on my page) Excellent site BTW, she has three small boys and makes a ton of super easy to do crafts. This felt trick-or-treat bag was easy,I just wish I had fabric paint to paint the “boo” with 😦 saldy a sharpie pen had to do!

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin carver!”

  1. What a cutie!Got two pumpkins the other day, for food.Gonna make soup and roast the seeds, my favorite snack.I make the best pumpking soup if I'm allowed to say so myself. :))Did you make pie?

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