Craft Lovin

All I have wanted to do that past few weeks is craft my arse off, probably due to the fact that it is freezing outside and I need something to keep me from going nuts while stuck in doors.
I am currently working on a Knitted cowl which I have been at for three months (I’m a first timer give me a break)
Jewelry that I want to start on cross stitching, ohhh my goodness! Craft ADD for sure!
Before i finish with any of that though I need to work on Christmas stuff, and since my mother is still very ill this year; I am in charge of christmas. Fine by me, I love to bake and cook and all of that jazz.
This weekend, I will be making my grandmothers Kolachi recipe (I hope) I could stand next to her and do everything that she does and her Kolachi will STILL turn out better than mine! lol No flipping joke.
I am planning on doing a photo blog about it later this week. So you can try it yourself if you dare 🙂 I am so paranoid about making it correctly than I refuse to be on my period or be sick or in a bad mood when I make it, everything has to be right lol,it’s stupid I know, but it works for me.
So many fellow bloggers have really been doing some super cute things for the holiday season, here are some random crafts of awesomeness that I have found appealing.
Kristy at Kootoyoo
Shows how to make these super cute crochet soaps, Seriously, I NEED to make these, too cute!

Iammommahearmeroar posted this Nativity Block Set for Kids, that her sister whipped up.

And while I’m not really the GREENEST person on earth, I actually did this last year and they came out awesome, it’s a bow made out of recycled packaging,you can also make them out of magazine pages, they are super easy to make and look real cute. Find out how to make them here


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