Prison…Not On Purpose

You gotta love it when an outfit inadvertently tells the wrong story….
For instance,I’m wearing stripes, and the fence behind me is topped with Barbed wire lol
So you would think,
I work in a prison!
When in actuality I do not,
I work in the office part of a factory, and because my two breaks are really all the free time I have, I take my photos where ever I can find a place to set my Iphone up lol
in this case, it happens to look like a prison…..and it’s not..although SOME DAYS
it could feel that way lol.
Anyway, on with it!
I threw this outfit together at the last minute, but even so, I go at least 5 compliments on it yesterday….which pretty much made my day!

Sleeveless Top: T.J.Maxx
Skirt:T.J Maxx
Belt: Forever 21
Sandals: Target

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