Wow september….you SUCKED!

Hello again , here I am back from the land of sick.
It started with a stuffy nose….the little man then had a sore throat.
Then a full blown cold…..
Then I got the cold of course…..
Then we were on our way to getting better….
For like a half a week….
Then the little man got Re-SICK with a bigger badder cold…..
and then to top off all the fun….just as my son was getting better…..
I come down with…….a bladder infection…a bad one a REAL bad one that required two weeks
of strong antibiotics and a whole other host of side effects.
Phew…..I mean really????
So now, here we are, finally feeling among the living…and let me tell you, it’s fabulous!!!
And look at that….It’s Fall!
One of my favorite times of the year!
So hang in there, I have plenty to share and s few fun things lined up as well.:)


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