Fox hats and glitter!

So I didn’t get enough sleep last night (not unusual)
and I spilled coffee on my shirt this morning, thus leaving me with a coffee smelling left boob.
But hey all is not lost on this cold dreary Monday!
Because I have a fox hat from Julian Bean.
WHO is Julian Bean you may ask?
Julian Bean is a crochet shop run by my friend Erin, she is super talented in her craft and can make practically any animal hat that you desire.
 I thought this fox hat was SO cute,
 I bought one for me and my little guy!
Check her out here!

I also am sporting this super cool glitter nail polish, and hey who DOESN’T love glitter!?
I used 2 coats of Wet’N’Wild Wild Shine glitter polish over
Wet’N’Wild Speed Dry Polish in Black
and topped it off with Sally Hansen “Dries Instantly Topcoat”
All in all this manicure took me 10 minutes from start to finish, no kidding!
Wich is perfect for this busy momma!
Hope your Monday is spectacular! XOXOXOXO


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