Over the weekend……

Fall means the beginning of our busy season here in the Homan household,
Weekends are filled with pumpkin picking, long fall walks, fall festivals, trips to Amish Country
and lighting every cinnamon and pumpkin scented candle known to man kind.
I really love all the family time opportunities that the fall season lends.
the little man and I donned our handmade fox hats
and headed out with daddy to the Berea Fall Harvest Festival.
The little man got his share of candy, and seeing his little girlfriend Olivia.

Later that evening we had a dinner for my husbands hot rod club,
it was an annual fall dinner type of thing, the little man got to spend a good part
of the evening canoodling with his lady friend πŸ™‚

Sunday nights are reserved for bowling…..here is the little man in his professional
bowling approach πŸ™‚ Just like his daddy, bowling is SERIOUS business in these parts!

Of course you can’t have bowling without, fries, and the chance to use a hot pink ball
(they gave him a green one but he loves the pink ones.,……oh jeese don’t tell his father)

A weekend full of spending time with my two favorite peoples πŸ™‚
How was yours?


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