Among the living ( again)

Once again sickness took up by our pretty little ears and threw us across the room.
Just kidding….
But seriously, last week was brutal, beginning with a 2 am trip to the ER for My Little guy and ending the week with me being pretty sick with a flu/cold
Finally we are all feeling back to normal, ( hopefully for longer than like 2 days)
Since we all felt better this weekend, we decided to catch up on some much needed fall festivities.
We rounded up the little guy, picked up the mother in law in the car, and headed out to the country for farm market shopping, antique browsing and pumpkin picking 🙂
My two sweeties mugging for the camera outside of the Antique store

An Antique store
( that we are no doubt no longer welcome in thanks to the political fight my husband got into with the owner lol)
Oh well, their prices were too high anyhow!_

SO EXCITED to find himself a small pumpkin lol

…..still excited

I just love that smile!

Hope your weekend was grand!


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