Well….i’m officially old

…This past weekend I found my first grey hair……I know I know, I’m lucky…..some of my friends have multiples, I have only one that I know of, one lonely scraggly blindingly silver follicle that taunts me everyday……Unless of course you ask my husband who says I have more than one…..whatever…what does he know 🙂

I know this doesn’t make me “OLD” lol but it’s the first sign of age aside from my minor laugh lines (which I happen to like btw)

But I am not ready to go gray yet darn it! No not even a little bit….

So….back to dying my hair again after refraining for two years now.

But I just can’t decide what to DO with it.

Highlights? Color AND highlights?? Ombre?

I kind of have the ombre thing going on now, just a natural form of it, but Feria has a Wild Ombre out now where you can control the lighter color, I hate using highlighting caps so this Ombre kit might be a good second option because I can control where the light pieces go.

Here is what I am looking at latley:




This last photo is how I want to get it cut next time, so it has some piecey layers, I like the way that is give the hair depth and movement.

Decisions Decisions……..We shall see! What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Well….i’m officially old”

  1. Welcome to the club friend!!! I have had grey hairs since I was about 23. 😦 It makes me so mad because I have black hair so they really stand out! Ombre is gorgeous I must say, love all these photos!

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