5 Blogs you have to visit

I enjoy reading many different blogs, these 5 are my absolute favorites ones to dig into everyday,they are inspiring, fun and well written, Check them out!


Love Taza

Naomi Davis and her little family are just adorable, over the past few years I have watched them grow , he style is to die for, and her blog is so well designed, not to mention she is an excellent photographer!

Clothed Much

This fashion blog is written by a team of Mormon Fashion Bloggers, they prove that modesty can indeed be gorgeous, be sure to look for tutorial posts on how to glam up your duds 🙂 Seriously there are more DIYs on here than I seriously have time to do!

The Bradleys

I found this blog through another one that I read, it’s about an American family living in Thailand, the photos are beautiful, the family is lovely and their daughter is adorable. They are also holistic health and wellness coaches.

A Beautiful Mess

Ok Come on…. whats not to love about this Blog??? They even made their own app….thier own APP PEOPLE!!! Daily inspiration abounds on this site.

His Little Lady

Beautifully put together blog, and gorgeous photos about the life of a young couple living in Seattle. And she is just cute as a button 🙂


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