Why I love porcelain ladies

I’m white……..and no.. I don’t just mean caucasian…..I mean WHITE…..like blinding in the sunlight,you can see my blood running thorugh my veins WHITE!!!! When I go in the sun I am like a metal fork in the microwave , all you see is a FLASH!!! I don’t tan I incinerate…..

I would have made a bad ass vampire….

Anyways, I am SO SO SO grateful these days to see more and more women just letting thier blinding light shine!! Pale skin is beautiful, I’ve spent most of my life trying to darken my skin chemically or otherwise, in the summer ecspecially and over the past few years i got tired of it, tired of the smell the orange look, and no I dont care what brand you use you will look orange……yes yes you will.

So I’m done I’m over it, I think the turning point was a few weeks ago when my father asked me what I thought of his tan, his girlfriend had given him some self tanner and OMG he looked like….George Hamilton….poor dad……..


Poor George Hamilton…….

I choked up a bit and lied and told him “yeah it’s….it….it…..looks nice dad”

I mean come on people how do you tell your dad he looks like George Hamilton???

Anyways, enter these ladies below


Feathers and FrecklesImage

Elsie Larson of  A Beautiful Mess


Kat of Rock n Roll Bride

These ladies are just as cute as can be, and I love love love

that they proudly fly their pale flag!!

Makes me feel a WHOLE LOT less self conscious!

Now if you will excuse me… it’s 90 degrees out and I have some people to blind….


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