My Sensitive little dude


My son is a Cancer sign, which pretty much means he is very sensitive and also very kind hearted and giving. loving ect.

The kid has a heart the size of Texas, and emotions as fragile as an eggshell.

He loves animals and is so kind around them, has never pulled our dogs ears or tail, never hit him.Image


Lately his little emotional world is maturing, and we are finding ourselves in unfamiliar tantrum territory, they told me that toddlers have a habit of turning into little monsters around this age, but this caught us WAY off guard.

He has never really had a problem when we leave him with Grandma and go to work or with his favorite babysitter Lisa.

But last week that all changed,he is suddenly VERY clingy to my husband and I,afraid we are not going to come back and get him. I remember having these feelings as a child too and wanting mommy and daddy to stay,it’s one of the hard parts of being a working parent,but we are learning how to navigate this new territory, sometimes he gets so upset that we have had to put him in the corner in a time out

(something that we have never had to enforce)

Saturday we had alot going on that day and I made Toddler mistake number one, never EVER under ANY circumstances,try to tell a three year old alll the stuff you plan to do that day, leave it as a surprise, case in point; as soon as he wakes up he says

“mommy are you leaving?? Or are you staying home today?”

“Im staying home, Im off today”

“oh…ok..well what are we doing today?”

“Well we are going out to eat, then we have to go to Lowes, then we are going bowling tonight”

“Tonight??? We are going to sleep at the bowling alley??”

“No we are sleeping at home”

“But how can we bowl if we are sleeping? are we going bowling after we sleep?”

(panic sets in his voice as well as tears)

“No Hudson….we are going to breakfast then to Lowes then bowling”

“Is it still going to be dark?????”


…..well you get the point, it was far too much for his little brain to handle and I should have really known better. We went back in forth in this conversatiuon on and off for hours!!! Then he broke down in tears….OMG what happend to my kid???


My patience and sanity have never been so tested, but I just take abreath, try to chooses my words carefully…and relish these moments, because someday he is barley going to ask me any questions at all and  will not want me next to him every moment of every day……Until then, I have a bottle on wine on standbye lol…after he goes to bed of course 😉

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