Birthday Fun!

On top of all that went on this busy fourth of July weekend, we had my sons bday party,he won’t be “legally” four years old until later in the month but we had the party early.

He wanted a Charlie Brown party, and thank God for Pinterest, because….I mean hello…have you TRIED to find peanuts and Charlie Brown ANYTHING latley??? Most kids don’t even know who they are! Keep and eye out for a future tutorial on how to make those tissue paper Pom Poms

(they’re so easy you wouldn’t believe it)

We had a larger turn out than expected (not that we complained) and we were so glad that the weather actually held out for the day 😉


I was really happy with the way the decorations turned out considering I had to make everything lol

I used dog bowls ( new obviously) to hold party snax.


Everyone loved the popcorn holders


If my sons face doesn’t say trouble I don’t know what does lol, he was waiting for his cake here lol



The Pinata was sort of hilarious, hudson wanted a dog, and I was hoping it wouldn’t traumitize anyone seeing this poor animal get the crap beaten out of it 😦

This thing was HARD TO BREAK, all the kids had a swing, and Hudson kept getting this really angry look on his face, he was determined to break it,


Eventually my friends boy gave it a good swing and it’s butt went flying across the yard LOL STILL IN TACT, meanwhile it’s poor head was hanging there, eventually I picked it’s butt up and tore it apart with my hands letting out all the candy

(I cant belive I just typed that, I LOVE animals PETA I SWEAR)

Everyone had such a good time, and oddly enough most of the kids in this photo are the ones we have every year…


ImageHere are some of those SAME KIDS four years ago on Hudsons first Bday party 🙂

and thats all until……next years big party!

Hope your weekend was awesome!



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