Fun, Family and the Fourth= BLESSED

I apologize for not having more 4th of July photos from our super fun weekend, but my awesome self in all her patriotic glory, forgot her camera at home on July4th, I DID however remember it on the 5th at our annual Independence day parade, hence the reason you will see exactly ONE photo with a flag in it.

ImageThis is the only patriotic photo i have lol….

Rest assured we had a great time, Hudson rode the rides on the fourth at out annual Fourth of July festival with he new little buddy, then we all camped out on the grass to watch the fantastic l fireworks our city sets off every year.

On the 5th we went to the city’s annual parade,my son hasn’t been to many parades and at this one he got to play with a few boys his age and obtain copious amounts of candy .Image

He was a little excited seeing the first fire truck!

On Sunday we decided to take it to the beach, Hudson has never been there before, and the overcast day proved just perfect for enjoying the beach with out the risk of looking like lobsters.

Hudson was fascinated with the water, he would stand on the shore line and let it roll over his feet, then yelp “EEEEEK!!!” and run all the way back to our blanket lol.

Some kids near us saw that we were having fun with Hudsons new Grave Digger truck, so they asked if they could help us make a track for it, my husband and the boys (and one girl) made a pretty killer road for the little truck, complete with a tunnel,

We had alot of fun racing it back and forth.






Definitely a perfect ending to a perfect long weekend 😉

Hope yours was equally as fun!


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