5 Things that made me happy this week

This week has been treacherous to say the least, the heat here is ridiculous, and the actual heart index is even worse (120 heat index anyone??) i try to stay inside as much as possible during the day, but come on where is the fun in that?? it’s flipping summer, shouldn’t I be bale to go out side without the risk of igniting into flames?

I am also trying to get packed for a work trip I am taking to Kansas City, I will be gone Mon-Wed, but i will be sure to blog some photos 🙂

Anyways, here are five things that made my week;)


Golf with the hubby and the little one

(By the way, my son BEAT US)


Mentha Lip Tint from Bath and Body Works, It’s super minty, makes your lips tingle (which is great for this awful hot weather) and I just LOVE this sparkly nude color.



Finding this on my desk at work, a coworker of mine also works at Sephora and gets all these samples, this one is NARS Blush in Orgasm,I have been wanting this color forever! But it is so expensive I couldn’t justify buying it, so I was REAL EXCITED about this


Participating in the A beautiful mess blogs, 30 Day Self Photo Challenge.


THIS outfit, I love love love minty blue green and this whole outfit is gorgeous!

Hope your week was inspiring!



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