5 Things Friday!

Hello, WOW this week went by in a flash! I was in Kansas City most of the week, and now I’m back at work, and looking forward to lots of family time this weekend đŸ™‚

Here is what made my heart do backflips this week!

( I should mention that these are in no particular order)

1. Finding a beautiful pair of retro cat eye sunglasses at Charming Charlies, I will have to post a picture maybe tomorrow,at this time I don’t have my camera on me, but they are awesome black with teal accents and fake sparklies. Perfect for this glamour puss. And did I mention they were only 9.99??? Holla!!!!

2. Coming home to my lovers arms, I just missed my husband and little guy so darn much!! I practically ate their faces off when I saw them lol


3. Having the absolute BEST HAIR DAY today, I have no idea why lol or what I did right but, holy moly I’m super loving it! And of course I don’t have a photo becaue I’m at work and forgot my phone at home lol

4. Sticking to my diet for 5 weeks now!!! and I lost 5 pounds! it’s been SO hard at times, but I feel alot better. And thank you person at work who said to me today “girl…did you lose weight? Because you look like you lost weight” ( made my freaking day)


Gotta say I know how you feel little guy………… This is me at Panera LOL

5. Thrift store shopping, I havent actually WENT thrift store shopping, but I am fixing to soon here have you seen all the cute little blogs about thrift store shopping??? I really need to get out there more! These ladies have got the deals going on! One of my personal faves that I found recently is Beauty and Bows. You gotta check her out!

I’m about THIS close to paying off my car loan and school loan, so I am tightening my belt severly, I’m a clothing addict….and thrift store shopping seems like a reasonable way around that.



Image via Tumblr

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!!


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