Today i cried…..and ate a bunch of chocolate

Today is my 35th bday, and I am ashamed to say I cried, not for any particular reason really, but I seem to cry on my bday every year, sad? not so much, I just seem to tear up at least once at least for a few minutes, every year on my bday.

My hubby surprised me with a coffee this morning and my son proudly said he “made it” himself lol, i said…”OH well that means it is EXTRA Tasty….and it was my friends.


I also decided to wear my Vivienne Westwood shoes today, because hey, I deserve to feel extra glam on my Bday ecspecially when I have to work!!! BOO


I came back from break to find a chocolate bar, frozen yogurt, a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup and a gift card on my desk 🙂 I work with some pretty amazing peoples.


Tonight  I am meeting my hubby for dinner and tomorrow my friend Lisa is taking me out for THAI, PHEW!!! I am really a lucky girly…….

….no reason to cry at all!!!!












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