5 Things Friday! With a Bonus 5!!

So this Friday for the Friday 5 you get two for the price of one! This week has been so inspiring that yes I had to make it ten!

  1. Bracelets! Oh my gosh, I have been snooping around Pinterest for new stuff to make and I saw an easy tutorial for Making Chan Luu Bracelets and “Sugar” (not candy its just a type of design) bracelets. I went right out and bought my leather cord, hopefully I can use up some of my beads.

Chan Luu

2. The Song Royals by Lorde


….Seriously………I’m in love

3. Kofta


Or as I call it Turkish meatloaf lol, if you love Lebanese food, this stuff is the BOMB!!! No seriously…go make it like.,…NOW..Snag the recipe here

4. This Quote, as found on We & Serendipity


..because I am forever comparing myself to others.

5. This awesome wonderful Tumblr site that I stumbled upon quite by happy accident, this page hasnt been udated in awhile but if you need some SERIOUSLY uplifting reads!! Holy cow I have been filling my head with positive uplifting goodness all day from this page!

And Now….

Friday 5 part Deux! (the weekend mission statement edition)

I’m not gonna lie this week or the past few weeks have been just crazy, I have been super overwhelmed and it seems that we always over extend ourselves for the weekend,and I have to say im tired of it,so here is my weekend mission…for this weekend anyways:

1. Unplug- I’m going on a two day no media diet, NO Facebook,Twitter, Instagram,Blogging,Texting.TMZ, NOTHING,If I want to talk to someone I will call them.

2. No Photos with my phone camera, I will break out my SLR this weekend and shoot away

3. Make a big sit down meal-Sunday we do not have anything going on,so I am going to make something yummy, I’m thinking a roast may be in order Complete with dessert! And we will sit down and eat TOGETHOR as a family.

4. Give my husband a few extra snuggles, the poor guy has been busy a lot lately,of course I will give my son extra snuggles too, but the Hubs needs some serious attention.

5. Learn to say NO, “No I can’t come over this weekend” “No I am not going to go get this or that for you right this second” (that one applies to my son)

…And Maybe by adhering to these five points…I can actually make time to sit down and make one of those Chan LUU bracelets, who knows,crazier things have occurred lol


1 thought on “5 Things Friday! With a Bonus 5!!”

  1. Thanks so much for reading my blog! I don’t know if your on my fb page, but I just saw that you make jewelry too! I had to comment! Also, thank you for your sweet remarks. They were so much appreciated! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    The Mormon Housewife-Jilly

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