DIY-Peppermint Body Scrub

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub


Want something to help you cool off on those ungodly hot days?

Whip up a batch of this super easy body scrub!

It takes minutes and I promise it will refresh you.

You will need:

-A good handful of fresh mint, I grow it so I have a ton but you can also get it at farm markets and grocery stores.

-1 cup of white sugar

-1/4 Cup of Olive Oil


Remove the leaves from the stems and put them in a bowl or jar,take a pestle or a meat tenderizer and smash the leave to release their oils, just really pulverize the holy heck out of them.

Throw the leaves, the sugar and the olive oil in the blender and you may have to add a little water or more oil, if it’s too dry.

Blend that good stuff up!

And Wala!!

Fresh minty natural sugar scrub…

SO simple it’s scary.

Put it in a mason jar and it keeps for about two months in the fridge.



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