The one time we bought the wrong freakin couch….

First of all i have to start this post off by telling you that i amnot getting reimbursed from Arhaus for writing this post….I just happend to have truly fallen in love with the place…that being said….Arhaus…if you WOULD like to reimburse me with money or velvet couches…you have my phone number baby.. *Whispers* call me…..

So a few months ago we set out find a new couch, the current ones that we had were well over 10 years old. And too big for our little century home, we really had wanted a wing back couch with tufting, but we couldnt find one that wasn’t freakin huge, so we bought a nice comfy sofa that still had an old look to it even though it wasn’t THE ONE that we really wanted.

Fast forward 3 months later….. Monday the husband decides on a whim to walk into an Arhaus Furniture, because it was the one place we didn’t go into when we were couch hunting ( mainly because we thought it would be too pricey) well that was a dumb mistake…..totally stupid…because we walk around and we spot this;



The Club Sofa

Bill and I immediatley let out a collective groan in it’s presence.

And even better it comes in Navy Blue, OMG

I’m not gonna lie , we both considerd selling our current couch on Craigs List so we could purchase this one,but we’ve barley made the first payment on the new one.

The sales lady clearly feeling our pain, told us if we sign up for the bi monthly catalog,, it will enter us in the drawing for a 1,000 dollar gift certificate, DONE!

So if that pans out and we win, this baby is coming home with me!!

Anyone know how to rig a drawing?

As we walked around browsing, we were amazed and how many things we really liked there,whomever decorate the interior really has a cool eye for display,that place was decked out!

Here are some things that we found that really caught our eye!





….Le Sigh…..
And even better, while I was poking around on their site, I found out that they also have a….wait for it…Jewelry Company, what????? Yes and of course like thier furniture the stuff is awesome…check them out here
Oh well,sometimes….you live and you learn……then go home and cry a little….just a little


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