Month Love..For August

Ahh August, the step child of the summer months,that one final month when you know what coming down the road, so amid back to school prep and creatively trying to use up you vacation days (or play hooky) You are trying to enjoy the remaining bits of summer in all its glory, because after this month…it’s gonna get ugly folks….lets not lie to ourselves.

Here is what we are doing this month to soak up the lasts bits of summer:

1. What we’re drinking


(Photo Credit A Beautiful Mess)

Mason Jar Cocktails

I have seen these around the internet all summer, we usually have a big bash every September to celebrate the end of summer, I’m thinking that these are certainly on tap for this year, I mean how freaking cute. Makes me crave an Old Fashion

2. What we’re eating


Anything that we can grill

Since we are outside as much as possible this time of year, it just makes sense to cook outside,besides I  mean c’mon….grilled food? Heck yeah! We love to do chicken and steaks, but every so often I will experiment with something like watermelon or pears.

3. What we’re doing


One word people…..BONFIRES

Cleveland weather has been real wonky lately, hot in the day chilly at night,

perfect time to light a fire with the family!

And don’t forget smores! (mmmm burnt sugar on a stick)

4. What we’re wearing


Shorts, long sleeve shirts, comfy shoes and don’t forget the music,

This time of year we are usually playing catch up with yard work

and maintaining our garden, The weather is frustrating because it can literally be hot one minute and freezing the next, the shorts and long sleeve combo is essential to prevent running in and out of the house to grab a jacket.

5. What We’re Dreaming


We are dreaming of taking awesome photos for the up coming holidays,

I pre-ordered Elsie and Emmas Photo idea book,

I love these girls photography style and I cannot wait until this book hits my mailbox!!

So what are you doing to enjoy the last bits of summer?


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