DIY-Large Tea bag

Ok so I am sure this will gross some people out, but what ar eyou gonna do. I am a self confessed Teavana addict,,I’ve currently got three large canisters of thier loose tea in my house and office, for small cups i use a teaball, but I have always wanted to make a big batch of iced tea out of some of it, but didn’t want a bunch of looses floaties in it. So yesterday I came up with this idea:

You will need:

-Loose leaf tea ( I used Teavana  “youthberry”)

– An old pair of nylons or a nylon knee high….Yes you read that right, OBVIOUSLY clean

– A large drink pitcher


Step 1:

Fill up your nylon with the desired amount of tea leaves


…yes I am aware how bad this looks lol…you can also ignore my double chin 🙂

Step 2:

Tie a knot in the nylon



Step 3: Tie the tea bag to the side of the container and pour boiling hot water over


Let steep for as long as you like, I like my tea pretty strong.

See how easy that is, and you are also being all “green” and trendy by upcycling.

Honestly i used a knee high I only wore like once then washed it, ( whenever I wear knee hi pantyhose, I feel like Momma from Mommas family…


Not the sexiest thing…..

So anyway! Enjoy! I promise your tea will not taste like “feet tea”










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