Living Proof Positive…..


Meet my beautiful grandmother Ann, my only living grandmother, and great-grandmother to Hudson (he calls her GG)

This woman is in her 90’s NINETIES PEOPLE!

She currently lives with my aunt and uncle, but her mind is still pretty sharp and she gets around real well. GG has been through alot in her life, death of two husbands, death of my mother her first-born daughter,Breast cancer…twice…

I always tell her how amazing I think she is, and once asked what she does when she is faced with adversity. She said “well when I am in a pickle, I pray and talk to your grandfather about it. And I try to keep a good attitude” ( he passed in the 70’s)

Thats always been the way she lived, she still gets out and volunteers three days a week, and even when she ends up in the hospital. she still cracks jokes with the nursing staff or the doctors.

Recently GG has been given a terminal diagnosis, the cancer has returned, and is now in her lungs and liver, so we all know it is only a matter of time.

We went over to visit her this weekend, and she looked tired but in real good spirits.

She put her hand on my knee and said “well, have you heard the crappy news?” ( referring to the terminal diagnosis.) I said “yeah thats some pretty crappy news alright” and she looks at me and says “well I have decided I am not sitting around, I am not in any pain from the cancer so i am going to go out and do the things I live, until I can’t anymore, and I am not going to worry about it”

I am honestly so proud to call her my grandmother,and in a way we feel lucky, because we have time to say goodbye and prepare….alot of people don’t get that time……that is of course if I can catch her home lol….that little lady often has a schedule busier than I.

I really believe that positivity in the face of adversity can do WONDERS!!! My Grandmother is LIVING PROOF.

….And of course while Hudson was visiting he got to play with his little friend Buddy..He just loves that dog.



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