15 Things You May Not Know About Me


  1. I am seriously afraid of ladybugs
  2. I hate the word MOIST
  3. I have a pretty bad coffee habit,and it’s not for the caffeine, it’s for the taste!
  4. I have a mega mutt (part rot,Shepard,Doberman mix) who is 95 pounds of love, his name is Starsky
  5. We named our dog Starsky, after Starsky and Hutch our first date movie 🙂
  6. I met my husband on match.com 13 years ago, we were a 98% match, that other two percent?….Polotics
  7. I have been practicing and studying Yoga since I was 19, before it was all “the thing to do”
  8. I sell AVON…and I love it
  9. I secretly would like to live in Anthropologie
  10. I am directly related to Jack Dempsey and Hatfield and McCoy (great great great grandmother Hatfield, Married a McCoy)
  11. I am infatuated with different religions, and I love to learn about them
  12. Those Ghost finder apps on the iphone, I am totally all about them and try to talk to ghosts all the time lol
  13. I once wore REALLY BIG Africa earrings to school and a t-shirt that I MADE that said “you down with Opp?” on the front, and “yeah you know me” on the back…….and I wonder why I was bullied …..lol
  14. I really love old bluegrass music ( thanks dad)
  15. I used to want to be an undertaker and still wish I went into the medical field

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