For Me Yoga= Life


If you have followed my blog for sometime you know that I am a yoga lover, been doing it since I was 15, whats amazing to me is how my practice has evolved over the years, and how slowly it has taken my body to accomplish certain poses (Hand to Big toe pose)


and how no matter how hard I try, i cannot seem to get my feet off the ground in crow pose


, but yoga is not about judging yourself, it’s about realizing your bodies potential and accepting its limits, not keeping up with the person next to you. yoga is so very freeing for me, not only does it help to manage my depression but I feel graceful while doing it. Latley I have been amping up my practice every chance I get, the older I get the more deeply I fall in love with Yoga, it’s principles and way of living.

I did a challenge recently on instagram  #aimtruechallenge, set up by some great yoga teachers I have followed for years, the challenge (only ten days long) helped me to realize where I still need improvement and brought to my attention some things I am actually good at ( hey how about that i really CAN get my leg up there!)


Yoga is just something that I truly love and want to devote myself to, it has saved me in so many ways, and it challenges me the way no other workout ever has.


My next adventure will be Ariel Yoga wich I plan on doing in the next few months here, hanging from the ceiling, doing flips and back bends???

Yes please!!!

20 years in and my journey is only still just beginning, so much to learn and teach myself. Maybe one day I will be able to teach others, and that my friends would be a huge accomplishment.



2 thoughts on “For Me Yoga= Life”

  1. Fab moves! I always been interested in yoga but still havent tried it. Actually starting 6 week course end of month but that is more for relaxation and breathing purpose.

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